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Terms and Conditions:

  • The loan exposure is less than €2000 & the total loan balance can’t exceed €8000
  • No savings or loan record with CCU required, the member must have an active credit record on CCR (if no record with CCU they must be currently paying back an external debt for minimum of 9 months or have completed a loan within the last 6 months on CCR with a payment history of minimum of 9 months)
  • All debts present & historical must be performing as per original agreement without any missed payments.
  • Members who have previous restructured/rescheduled loans won’t qualify
  • Members with written off debts with CCU or on CCR won’t qualify
  • Member must be in employment for minimum of 6 months with their current employer
  • A member who is in receipt of social welfare payment must be on that payment for minimum of 6 months
  • A member who has had more than 3 loans in the previous 12 months with CCU won’t qualify
  • AML documentation will apply

No Documentation Required

Simple application process which does not require supporting documentation

Instant Access

Instant access to loans up to €2000

No Hidden Fees

Low and transparent fees on all loans

How to apply

How To Apply

If you are an existing registered member, you can make a full application online. If you are not already a member, you can join and apply for a loan online, on the same day!

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