What is Safeguarding?


  • Safeguarding is putting measures in place to uphold our rights, to support our health and wellbeing, to reduce our risk of harm – and to empower us to protect ourselves.
  • Safeguarding involves ourselves, our families, services and professionals all working together to prevent adult abuse, neglect or coercive control.
  • Safeguarding means empowerment – that if we face challenges with our capacity, ability or independence our voices are heard and choices included.
  • Safeguarding also plans ahead for if we need help from others, that there is clarity on our wishes – and that these will be respected.


More safeguarding information can be found here

Safeguarding is – Upholding Our Rights

Safeguarding is – Respect for my Rights

Safeguarding is – Everybody Preventing Adult Abuse

Safeguarding is – Services and People Together

Safeguarding is – I am Free from Harm

Safeguarding is – Independence and Choice

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