All-in-1 Loan

Combine all of your loans and credit cards into one payment and reduce your monthly outgoings. Our loan calculator will help you understand the repayments for our All-in-1 loan with a special offer interest rate of 6.5% (6.7% APR).

If you are not yet a member with Community Credit Union, apply to become one today.

Member Testimonials:

The staff in Community Credit Union have been so helpful with organising my loans into one repayment. It’s been an absolute life-saver for me!


Loan available up to €100,000 (minimum of €20,000).

Save on monthly repayments

Make long term savings with one loan repayment per month.

Convenient & Manageable

Conveniently combine all loans and manage them from one place.

How to apply

How To Apply

If you are an existing registered member, you can make a full application online. If you are not already a member, you can join and apply for a loan online, on the same day!

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