Important Information

13 April, 2021

Dear Members,

During the public health emergency Credit Unions were designated as essential services meaning that Community Credit Union remained open to provide financial services to our members. There was a significant increase in Members availing of our digital online services, this has been evidenced in the increase in our bank charges and computer maintenance in the last financial year, with members increasing their transactions online.

 In recent months with Covid being the catalyst, we have seen a trend and there has been a significant increase in our business being done through our online channels. Bearing that in mind, the Board of Directors have taken the decision not to re-open the Laurel Lodge office. We have also taken the decision to reduce the opening hours in our Navan Road office to 2 days per week (Thursday & Friday 9.30am to 2pm)* and we will review this again in mid-Summer. We know that this is difficult news for our members, particularly for those from these areas. Be assured that Community Credit Union will continue to provide services to these members through both online services and the remaining office network with an alternative office within 5km. The nearest office to Laurel Lodge is Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and the nearest office to the Navan Road office is in West Cabra.

Please be advised that our office opening times will also change to the following:

Day                  Navan Road                      Blanchardstown Centre                           West Cabra

Tuesday               Closed                                  9.30am to 5pm                                                  9.30am to

Wednesday         Closed                                  9.30am to 5pm                                                  9.30am to 2pm

Thursday             9.30am to 2pm                  9.30am to 5pm                                                  9.30am to 5pm

Friday                  9.30am to 2pm                  9.30am to 5pm                                                  9.30am to 5pm

Saturday             Closed                                  9.30am to 2pm                                                  9.30am to 2pm

*Please note that these changes will take effect on Tuesday 4th May 2021.

We would like to remind all members that you can enjoy free online account access which allows you to view your account balances, transfer funds, make payments and much more – anytime, anywhere. If you already have online account access you can login here. If not, you can register here.