Free Maths Grinds for 6th Year Students when you join Community Credit Union

12 May, 2023

We’ve recently partnered with a company called ‘Brighter Minds’ which provides online maths grinds for secondary school students.

There are several classes a week that are streamed on the website, with a schedule for different years and levels available. There is also 200 page workbook available to students at a cost of €16 for their desired year and level. This workbook allows them to follow along and take part in the lesson.

With exams just around the corner, we are making these workbooks freely available to any 6th year students who join Community Credit Union and those who are already members with us. Students simply need to join the Credit Union, then get in touch us and request the free maths grind workbook. We will then have them dropped down to the school for collection.