Current Accounts – Coming Soon!

3 May, 2022

Community Credit Union is introducing a new full-service Current Account on the 1st of July 2022.

The new Current Account includes the globally accepted Mastercard Debit Card with Contactless Payments, Standing Orders, Direct Debits, and the option of an Overdraft facility.

Members of Community Credit Union will be able to open a Current Account online or in your local Community Credit Union office.  New Members are always welcome in Community Credit Union and the Current Account is also available to new Members. This is good news for Credit Union members and for consumers in general who have limited choice at present. Credit Unions are seen to offer something different to the major banks in terms of their personal touch and are considered trustworthy.

The new Current Account has simple and transparent pricing. A low monthly fee of €4.00 applies and that covers unlimited euro point of sale and contactless transactions, unlimited mobile and online banking and unlimited standing orders and direct debit processing.

Further details in relation to opening a current account with Community Credit Union will be released closer to the launch date. In the meantime you can check out the FAQ section of the PAYAC website for more information –

Register your interest in a Current Account now and receive an email notification once we go live!