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Alert on Fraud Scams

Alert on Fraud Scams

We would like to ask our members to be extra vigilant and remain alert to the ongoing threat of fraud, which is particularly prevalent in the current environment.

We would like to remind you about the industry website where you will find lots of information on the various types of Fraud and how to reduce the potential for Fraud. The ALERT section of the website contains information relating to recent Fraud scams involving Staycations and Covid-19 among the other types of Fraud scams.

Some excellent features of the website are listed below:


  • Latest News & Alerts– this includes updates on the latest fraud trends and alerts to emerging fraud scams
  • Alerts– Your Credit Union can sign up to receive fraud alerts from the Fraudsmart website
  • Jargon Buster– explains the common fraud scams in plain English
  • Security awareness posters– download site containing security awareness posters for your Credit Union
  • Useful links on security– contains links to useful security information sites
  • Social media access – through Facebook and Twitter.